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Friday, November 25, 2022

Lost in Translation: odd classic film titles in Portuguese – film noir edition


Noirvember has arrived and with it the urge to watch foggy detective stories or films with iconic femme fatales. That’s why we bring for you today another post in the “Lost in Translation” series. This time, with good news: “Lost in Translation” was nominated for Best Classic Movie Series in the latest Classic Movie Blog Association Awards. We didn’t win, but it’s truly an honor to be nominated. Now, let’s go on with the list – remembering that titles that do not appear here were translated verbatim:


“Double Indemnity” (1944) became “Blood Pact” (“Pacto de Sangue”)


“Murder, my Sweet” (1944) is here “See You, Darling” (“Até a Vista, Querida”)  


“Detour” (1945) is known as “Destiny’s Curve” (“Curva do Destino”)


“My Name is Julia Ross” (1945) was called here “Tragical Alibi” (“Trágico Álibi”)


“The Big Sleep” (1946) was translated as “On the Verge of the Abism” (“À Beira do Abismo”)


“Out of the Past” (1947) is here “Fugue from the Past” (“Fuga do Passado”)


“Criss Cross” (1949) received the title “Meanness” (“Baixeza”)


“Caught” (1949) is here “Prisoner Heart” (“Coração Prisioneiro”)


The historical noir “Reign of Terror”(also known as “The Black Book”, 1949) was called here “The Shadow of the Guillotine” (“A Sombra da Guilhotina”)


“The Asphalt Jungle” (1950) is known as “The Secret of the Jewels” (“O Segredo das Joias”)


“In a Lonely Place” (1950) was translated as “In the Silence of the Night” (“No Silêncio da Noite”)


“Sunset Boulevard” (1950) became “Dawn of the Gods” (“Crepúsculo dos Deuses”)


“The Big Heat” (1953) received the title “The Corrupts” (“Os Corruptos”)


“Kiss Me Deadly” (1955) is here “Death in a Kiss” (“A Morten um Beijo”)


“The Big Combo” (1955) received the title “Crime Empire” (“Império do Crime”)


Stanley Kubrick’s “The Killing” (1956) is here “The Great Coup” (“O Grande Golpe”)


“Sweet Smell of Success” (1957) is known as “The Inebriation of Success” (“A Embriaguez do Sucesso”)


“Touch of Evil” (1958) is here “The Mark of Wickdness” (“A Marca da Maldade”)


  1. tenho seu blog nos meus favoritos há alguns anos mas acho que nunca deixei nenhum comentário.
    Não sou boa com palavras mas só queria dizer obrigada. encontrei várias histórias lindas por sua causa, filmes que me ajudaram a passar por situações e momentos difíceis. obrigada :D

  2. I love melodramatic movie titles in Portuguese:

    Kings Row (1942) became "In Every Heart a Sin";

    Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte (1964) became "With Evil in the Soul";

    Spellbound (1945) became "When the Heart Speaks";

    All Mine to Give (1957) became "In Every Heart a Longing";

    Mildred Pierce (1945) became "Soul in torment";

    Meet Me in St. Louis (1944) became "Now We Will Be Happy";

    Sudden Fear (1952) became "Precipices of Soul";

    Shane (1953) became "The Brutes Love Too";

    Leave Her to Heaven (1945) became "Loving was my downfall";

    Giant (1956) became "Thus Walks The Humanity";

    From Here to Eternity (1953) became "One Step to Eternity";

    Rebecca (1940) became " Rebecca, the Unforgettable Woman";

    Three Coins in the Fountain (1954) became "The Fountain of Wishes";

    Vertigo (1958) became "A Body That Falls".